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A Wedding Checklist for the Bride: 10 Things to do Before the Big Day Ceremonia GNP

to carry her bouquet.

It does not matter who you choose. But, be careful because the person you choose will be wearing the flowers and rings during the ceremony. There are two different sets. It is best to take the one that you are carrying down the aisle to deliver it to the attorney, or to the celebrant who will be at the wedding. If your lawyer is a person in your family, you should ensure they're the ones to will hold your wedding rings.

10. Who will be the one to walk you Through the Aisle?

A second thing you do not have to forget on your wedding list is this: The bride and groom can invite one of their closest family or friends for their attendance if neither is available. This will take the stress off of organizing.

Weddings are, at their core, all about the bride and the groom. Many feel that the excitement of being married is that our families are included in the celebration. In the end, making sure that you have chosen people to be your walk across the aisle on the day of your wedding is one of the most important aspects of your wedding plans.

There are many things to do and consider when planning a wedding you might not have considered previously. You are more at risk of something going wrong, or being forgotten. The wedding checklist below for the bride can help remain organized and get prepared for your wedding day without having to worry about a lot of things.