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10 Master Bedroom Renovation Ideas Mom Recipes

You can replace your existing carpeting with vinyl flooring, or wood flooring. Hardwood flooring is unique as every single plank will have its own unique grain and shade. Vinyl flooring contrary, can be a viable option because it won't warm up during cooler or warmer seasons as hardwood flooring.

If you decide to invest in new flooring made of wood or carpet ensure that you regularly clean your floors to ensure your floors remain looking stunning.

8. The Accent Wall can be added

Accent walls are all trendy in the present, and with great reason! Accent walls are a great idea to help make your bedroom appear more appealing. A accent wall can be installed under the headboard in your bedroom.

Accent walls can be easily make using just a few cans of paint, simple style design, or even using accents such as glitter. Although it is possible to sand and paint an existing wall , without professional help, this may not be required. Want to add patterns to your wall? By using painter's tape and contrast colours, you can design stunning geometric designs to wow anyone who visits! Install some shelves on your wall for some added storage space as well as as an added design element.

Floating shelves make an excellent feature for any wall. You can use them for displaying certificates and trophies or indoor plants. The possibilities and options are limitless! Whatever color you decide to decide on for your accent wall, make sure to match its design with the furniture of your bedroom or accent rug as well. It will make it easy to join your master bedroom together.

9. Wall Mounted TV

Nothing is more relaxing than turning on your favorite TV show as you relax and enjoying some laughs with your loved ones. The installation of a TV on the wall in your bedroom can allow you to watch your favorite program from the comfort of your bed. A wall-mounted television is a wonderful feature for bedrooms.