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Should I Get a Yearly Physical? Yes and Heres Why! Free Health Videos

Tons and volumes. Hearing each sound will help to indicate if you have hearing loss in either your right or left ear, and whether you can listen to noisy or calm sounds with a high or low pitch. Also, you may be asked to listen to the speech of one ear at a time in hearing tests of various volumes.

While the voice is soft through your headphones, you'll have to repeat the message. As some people may have issues hearing voices in the background the test will be conducted in a room that is soundproofed. The hearing test isn't an examination that can be passed or failed. However, the results might reveal how much hearing has been lost and whether you are suffering from hearing loss on either or both of your ears.

2. Eye Examination

Vision-conscious people often inquire if they need to have an eye exam every year. An eye examination not only examines your vision but also evaluates the health that your eyes are in. We spend a significant part of our day working in front of computers or at least smartphones in the age of digital screens.

Eye strain from digital screens is often caused by excessive screen time. Dry eyes, blurred vision and constant headaches are among the symptoms. Naturally, even if the issue isn't causing permanent harm to one's vision All of these could make working with computers more difficult. This is why it's important for an eye exam which could identify the need for glasses to prevent further eye damage.

Eye exams, however, aren't only for the purpose of getting prescription eyeglasses. Glaucoma, macular damage due to age and various eye ailments could cause blindness. We can identify and treat eye diseases early by having regular eye examinations.

Doctors can spot the early symptoms of many chronic disorders and update prescriptions. They can also address the consequences of digital eye strain, and identify early indicators of eye diseases. They include