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Your Saturday Morning Cleaning Checklist Find Video Store Shopping Video

eek. For removing dust and dirt off furniture in your patio, you should give it an easy wipe using an damp, clean cloth.

Consider giving your lawn some TLC--you can cut it back, trim trees and shrubs, apply fertilizer or weed killer when needed. In the event that you complete each Saturday's chores You'll have your lawn looking most attractive throughout the year.

Water Your Indoor Plants

Insufficient watering for your indoor plants may cause them in the process of wilting and turn unhealthy. It's essential to add "water your plants" to the cleaning checklist for your weekend. Each week, take a few minutes to soak your plants. Your houseplants will stay healthy, happy and vibrant!

For a reminder to water your plants, create the timer on your phone or in another location of your house. This ensures that you are reminded every Saturday to make sure your plants are watered.

Make sure your windows are cleaned

At least once every few months the windows of your home need to be washed. Give your windows a nice scrub on Saturday morning. In order to get rid of dirt and dust make use of a window cleaner along with an abrasive cloth. After that, you can use an squeegee to rid yourself of any streaks or smudges that are accumulated over the course of the time.

Finally, be sure to clean the windowsills using a general cleaner. This can keep them looking like new and smell fresh!

Here are a handful of the items you can include on your Saturday morning cleaning list. Of course, there is a lot more you need to take to each week. Don't not forget to check that everything gets done! With just a little organizing and planning it is possible to keep your house looking beautiful throughout the year.